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Commenting is now available in Label Studio

Label Studio Enterprise now has comments! Communication between labelers and managers is often one of the stickiest points in the dataset development lifecycle. When labelers have questions about a specific task, it can be difficult to get a timely answer. And when a labeler makes an error on a task, it can be difficult for managers and administrators to give relevant and specific feedback so that the annotator can improve.

That’s why we’ve added commenting to Label Studio.

With this new feature:

  • Administrators, managers, and annotators can make comments on labeling tasks using an on-page interface
  • There is a new notifications area in the UI where users will be alerted when a comment is made or replied to
  • Managers and administrators have access to a dashboard in the Data Manager where they can view all questions across all tasks and annotators, and filter by annotator, task, resolution status, and more

Comments enables you to deliver increased labeler efficiency and higher annotation quality.

  • Labelers can be more efficient as they label because they don’t have to leave the workflow to ask for help or clarification.
  • Managers can respond to questions more quickly and ensure that all questions are answered, allowing annotators to complete tasks faster and more accurately.
  • Managers can leave detailed feedback on tasks as they review the data to help annotators improve accuracy

For more information, check out our detailed guide. If you want to try comments out for yourself, try our 14-day free trial.

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