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Building Your Annotation Team for the Data Design Lifecycle

Aaron Schliem, Sr. Solutions Architect at Welocalize, will talk us through the data design lifecycle - from defining the problem you’re trying to solve with data to building your data pipeline - and how to build out your annotation team within that context.

You’ll be able to tap into Aaron’s deep experience building data pipelines for numerous major tech companies as he shares tips, challenges, and solutions to help you get more from your data collection efforts.


Aaron Schliem

Senior Solutions Architect

Aaron Schliem is a 20-year veteran of the language services industry specializing in multilingual AI solutions. Working with the largest tech companies in the world, he consults on global strategies across the machine learning spectrum, including machine translation (MT), chatbots & virtual assistants, knowledge extraction, and search & discovery. From the early days of predictive text entry systems (T9, Swype) to current state of the art AI products, Aaron supports UX, CX, and data science teams by leading teams of crowd workers, computational linguists and engineers to deliver datasets in all major world languages. His approach to multilingual AI solutions relies on an awareness of sociolinguistics and cultural anthropology to improve AI’s ability to negotiate complex linguistic scenarios such as colloquial speech, code-switching, and non-native language production. A regular speaker and contributor in industry events and journals, Aaron focuses on the deployment of emerging technologies as a means of broadening the creative opportunities for linguists and cultural ambassadors.

Nate Kartchner

Director of Marketing

Nate Kartchner is the Director of Marketing at HumanSignal. As a longtime tech enthusiast and seasoned tech marketer, Nate is fascinated by the ways in which AI and machine learning are changing our world.

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