🚀 New: Automated AI Evals to Compare LLMs, Fine-Tune Prompts, and more!
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Ship GenAI models you can trust

Continuously evaluate model output, improve accuracy, and prevent costly hallucinations, using automation and human supervision.

Trusted by 350,000+ Data Scientists and Engineers

Trust requires human signal

The complete AI quality platform

Evaluate, align, and confidently run ML/AI models in production. Now data scientists + SMEs can all collaborate inside a single platform:

  • Begin with high quality data labeling for training and fine-tuning
  • Refine with production-grade prompt engineering
  • Optimize RAG pipelines for better results
  • Ensure high-trust AI with detailed model evaluation
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With the perfect blend of automated & human evaluation for each task.

Automated Evaluation

AI checks each document for PII

Some evaluations automate easily and AI can help reduce the load on your subject matter experts

Human Evaluation

Human experts review final contracts for accuracy

Other tasks, like final approval of a legal document, require the nuance and discretion of your human matter experts

Automated Evaluation

AI scans abnormalities

AI analyzes MRI imaging, highlighting potential areas of concern needing medical review

Human Evaluation

Doctors analyze the data

Using the original images augmented by the AI's findings, doctors perform detailed analysis and review

Automated Evaluation

AI moderates every customer review

Automation is used to keep up with the large daily volume of reviews, scanning each for accuracy, safety, community standards.

Human Evaluation

Escalating to humans

Complex edge cases are flagged for further human review

Human evaluation


Label Studio Enterprise is Now

The HumanSignal Platform

Ship with confidence. Give your data science teams and subject matter experts control of AI outcomes using automation and human supervision.

With evaluation integrated into every step of the AI lifecycle

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Infinitely customizable

  • Multi-modal to support all of your projects: text, images, audio, video, time-series and more
  • Simple, secure connections to LLMs, popular and custom models
  • Fully configurable interface for data labeling and evaluation
  • Robust API/SDK to integrate with your ML/AI pipeline and automate workflows
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All the features enterprise teams need to be collaborative, efficient and compliant.


Understand both model and human labeling performance with actionable dashboards.


Integrate any SSO provider and easily manage user roles and permissions.

Queue Management

Customize and automate labeling queues to ensure seamless item assignment and review.

Agreement Matrix

Visually identify ground truth data items and find potential data quality issues.

Keep your data private and secure.

We never touch your data, and our platform is SOC2 certified.

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