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Ship GenAI models you can trust

Continuously evaluate model output, improve accuracy, and prevent costly hallucinations, using automation and human supervision.

300,000+ Data Scientists and Engineers use Label Studio for Data Labeling and Model Evaluation

2-3 x Increase in revenue generated through ML-based products
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525 % Increase in capacity to take on labeling projects
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25 % Reduction in development time for new labeling tasks
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Label Studio Enterprise

Ensure model accuracy with comprehensive evaluation at every step of the AI development lifecycle, no matter the data type, use case, or model.

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The right tool for LLM evaluation and RAG pipeline optimization .

HumanSignal provides a flexible approach to evaluation, allowing organizations to choose the level of automation based on their specific needs and confidence requirements. Use automation for initial checks and strategically deploy human review for more complex or critical assessments. The configurable, multi-modal UI gives gives you full visibility into the inputs and outputs, so you can refine user queries, improve search quality ranking, and controlling generated answers.

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Combine automated and human-in-the-loop workflows

Efficiently assign roles and tasks, report on team performance, and establish feedback loops to improve not only data quality, but annotator performance over time.


Understand both model and human labeling performance with actionable dashboards.


Integrate any SSO provider and easily manage user roles and permissions.

Queue Management

Customize and automate labeling queues to ensure seamless item assignment and review.

Agreement Matrix

Visually identify ground truth data items and find potential data quality issues.

Keep your data private and secure.

We never touch your data, and our platform is SOC2 certified.

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