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Label Studio Enterprise achieves SOC 2 Type II certification

In June we announced that Heartex successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 1 attestation to demonstrate our commitment to operational excellence and secure data practices. We are now proud to announce we have reached the next milestone toward this commitment by achieving our SOC 2 Type II certification.

Heartex understands the trust our customers place in us when they use Label Studio Enterprise. That’s why we’re just as serious about operational excellence and exceptional data security as the large enterprises and organizations that choose Label Studio Enterprise as a strategic part of their ML/AI workflows. Label Studio Enterprise is offered by Heartex as a fully-managed and secure cloud-based service or as an on-premise solution. Achieving the SOC 2 Type II certification is an example of how Heartex meets or exceeds the quantifiable standard for data handling with systems that exemplify operational effectiveness throughout the attestation period.

The AICPA established the “system and organization controls” (SOC) as a voluntary compliance standard for service organizations to adhere to in their management of customer data. It includes system-level or entity-level controls that organizations can design following one or more established principles of trust. The resulting SOC 2 report provides organizations and their regulators, business partners, and suppliers with important information about how the organization manages its data.

The Type I portion, which Heartex completed this summer, describes the organization’s systems at a particular moment in time and whether the system design complies with the relevant trust principles. Type II details the operational efficiency of these systems over a period of time. Heartex elected to pursue these SOC audits because the trust of our customers is vital to our success.

In fact, Heartex has gone even further in its design of the Label Studio Enterprise cloud service to meet advanced enterprise security and compliance requirements:

  • Customer data remains private on their systems. Label Studio only stores URLs and fetches sample data for authenticated users in real-time.
  • Support for SSO, LDAP & role-based access control. Enterprise customers can integrate Label Studio with their SSO provider of choice, as well as manage roles and access across their team.
  • Detailed audit logs, analytics and reporting. Label Studio Enterprise customers can also keep track of and report on user activity in the system.

Our SOC 2 Type II attestation was performed by an independent auditing firm. You can request a copy of the report by contacting our sales team.

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