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Label Studio Enterprise is SOC 2 certified

At Heartex, keeping our customers’ data secure is our highest priority. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve successfully completed our SOC2 Type I attestation. The SOC 2 report describes our management practices, software development processes, and technical security controls, as well as an independent auditor’s opinion of our infrastructure and application architecture.

We continuously invest in operational excellence and security best practices to ensure that our customers’ data is safe. Achieving our SOC2 Type I attestation is an important milestone for our team and customers, and we are already working toward achieving our SOC2 Type II attestation to further demonstrate our commitment.

The founders of Heartex were the creators of Label Studio, which has quickly become the most popular open source data labeling platform. With the industry shift from model-centric to data-centric AI, data labeling platforms are becoming a core and strategic part of ML/AI workflows in many large enterprise organizations, which have high standards for operational excellence and data security.

To meet those needs, Heartex offers Label Studio Enterprise as a fully managed and secure cloud-based service or on-premises solution. Label Studio Enterprise adds additional features to support access management, collaboration amongst data teams, quality analysis, analytics & reporting, support SLAs, audit logs, and more.

In addition to our architecture and operational controls outlined in the SOC2, Type 1 attestation, data security and access controls are already baked into our Enterprise produce:

  • We don’t store our customer’s data. We provide seamless integrations with all popular cloud-based storage services or on-prem servers, and only store the URLs to your data from your storage into the Label Studio interface.
  • Support for SSO, LDAP & RBAC. Enterprise customers can integrate Label Studio with their SSO provider of choice, as well as manage roles and access amongst their team. 
  • Audit logs and reporting. Enterprise customers can also keep track of and report on user activity in the system. 

SOC 2 is considered the gold standard for security compliance of SaaS companies, and achieving SOC 2 Type I attestation is proof that our software development processes, technical security controls and administrative procedures meet required levels of oversight and monitoring defined by the industry standard.

Our SOC 2 Type I attestation was performed by an independent auditing firm, and you can request a copy of the report by contacting our sales team.

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