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The Heartex Team Takes Algarve, Portugal

Last week, the Heartex team had the chance to come together for our first in-person offsite in Algarve, Portugal, and we’re still riding high on the energy and excitement. Heartex is a globally remote first company, and while we communicate daily via Slack and Zoom, it can’t replace getting to know each other in person, building shared experiences, and memories.

In the last 9 months, we closed our $25M Series A led by Redpoint, grew from 16 to 39 team members, and nearly doubled the number of open source community members in the Label Studio Slack from 3,600 to 6,200.

As a team we reflected and celebrated our progress. We workshopped and planned our 2023 roadmap, as well as took some time to explore the local environment and enjoyed the food in Portugal. There was even some time for fun & games for the first Heartex Team Olympics, shout out to Team Possum Power for winning the gold!

As a remote first company, communication is incredibly important and is often asynchronous. We took advantage of being in person to discuss our Operational Culture, led by our CEO, Michael Malyuk. It was a great session where we laid some key foundations on how to most effectively work as a team and clearly communicate.

We’re passionate about our mission to make communication between people and AI seamless and error free, and to advance the data-centric AI movement. We are fortunate to be strongly positioned with our product and funding in the current market. Dataset development is more important than ever to companies investing in machine learning and AI, and Heartex is taking an innovative approach. If we stay intentional, agile, and focused on delivering value to our customers—we can’t lose.

From discovering we have some amazing pianists, to unlimited gelato consumption, paper airplane competitions, and so much more we had an amazing & fun week getting to know each other, solidifying alignment on our goals, and creating a path forward. Heartex is growing, if you’d like to join us next time, check out our open positions and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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