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We’re all about our humans.

We're building a diverse and global team to solve the biggest problems in AI & Machine Learning—join us!

We build software that helps people do what only they can do – give meaning.

Data fills our modern world. It flows prolifically inside organizations, customer interactions, product usage, environmental research, healthcare imaging, and beyond. What if we could use any of this historical data to predict the future? In most cases, we can now make predictions through Machine Learning & AI, but to do so in a meaningful and impactful way, historical data needs to be accurate, comprehensive, and without bias.

To make the best predictions, we believe teams with domain expertise should be responsible for annotating and curating data. It's called data labeling, and it’s a process of real people giving meaning to the information they see on the screen. HumanSignal was founded to take data labeling operations to the next level and help data scientists make better predictions.

Why work at HumanSignal?

Our goal is for HumanSignal to be the most fun and rewarding place you’ll ever work. We have an ambitious mission, but it’s just as important that each of us grow and enjoy the journey!

Work from Anywhere

HumanSignal is a remote-first, distributed organization. We currently have team members working from North America, Europe, and South America.

Top-tier Funding

HumanSignal has raised $30M in funding to date from prominent and proven investors, including Redpoint Ventures, Unusual Ventures, Bow Capital and Swift Ventures.

Competitive Salary & Ownership

We are building a talented and driven team to make a big impact on ML/AI, which is why we offer competitive salary & ownership in the form of equity.

Inclusive Culture & Environment

Being your authentic self is key to doing your best work. We are building an inclusive culture and community, where everyone can thrive and contribute.

Team Offsite

We make an effort to bring our remote team together virtually, and in person! Join us for our annual team offsite to build relationships, collaborate and have fun!

Time Off & Vacation

Time off is important. We offer a competitive vacation package and recognize your local holidays, so that you can take the time you need to rest and recharge.

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