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Fine-tuning models

Fine-Tune Foundation Models

Build accurate, efficient, and differentiated models by fine tuning large language models with ground truth data and RLHF.

Tutorial: Create a high-quality dataset for RLHF

Learn how to tune a large language model by simulating human feedback with a reward model, using Label Studio.

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Fine-Tune Foundation Models with RLHF

The HumanSignal platform provides pre-built templates for labeling interfaces that support ranking LLM outputs at scale:

  • Human preference ranking
  • Chatbot assessment
  • Supervised LLM fine-tuning
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The HumanSignal Platform

Try the platform used by more than 350,000 data scientists and experts. Make your labeling team more efficient with workflows, analytics, annotator management tools. Simplify your labeling efforts by using the same platform to label any data type. And integrate any model, including foundation models like GPT-4 to automate your labeling and maximize the impact of the human signal your labelers provide.

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See how the HumanSignal platform can work at your organization.