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Heartex, creators of Label Studio, is now HumanSignal

As companies race to leverage generative AI, HumanSignal enables them to build personalized, high-precision models using proprietary data and human feedback

San Francisco June 20, 2023

Heartex, creators of the most widely adopted open-source data labeling platform, Label Studio, announced today that it is rebranding to HumanSignal. This change signifies the company's broader mission to equip data science teams with the tools to guide foundation models, facilitating the construction of distinctly tailored AI models using proprietary data coupled with human feedback.

As foundation models fuel new possibilities for AI applications, companies also face new challenges when relying on those models, including lack of differentiation, mistakes, hallucinations, and bias. The need for specialized, high quality training data to fine-tune and continuously validate generative AI models is more important than ever.

Label Studio is the most popular open source platform to generate high quality training data with more than 250,000 data scientists and annotators having labeled over 200 million pieces of data. Under the HumanSignal brand, the company will continue advancing its open source data labeling platform, as well as expand the scope and capabilities of its Enterprise platform, to fuel the need for high quality data at scale in the evolving AI landscape.

"Our role at HumanSignal is to effectively harness and amplify the human feedback and knowledge, enabling companies to craft highly differentiated AI models that embody their unique operational objectives and vision. The more unique and specialized the signal, the more precise and competitive your model becomes," said Michael Malyuk, CEO of HumanSignal.

That's why HumanSignal has been delivering on an ambitious product roadmap, starting with new labeling interfaces and templates designed for Generative AI, and partnering closely with enterprise customers to define the best workflows to leverage foundation models to drive more efficiencies for data labeling operations. To deliver on its roadmap and commitments to enterprise customers, Human Signal recently announced several new hires, including VP of Engineering Nicholaus Halecky, an industry veteran from Twitter and Bombora with deep expertise in data science, machine learning, and AI.

For more information, visit the HumanSignal website at humansignal.com.

About HumanSignal

HumanSignal enables data science teams to build AI models with their company DNA. With the emergence of generative AI, it’s more important than ever to build highly differentiated models by guiding foundation models with proprietary data and human feedback. Creators of Label Studio, the most popular open source data labeling platform, HumanSignal enables data scientists to develop high quality datasets and workflows for model training, fine tuning and continuous validation.

Today, the Label Studio open source community has more than 250,000 users who have collectively annotated more than 100 million pieces of data. Label Studio Enterprise is available as a cloud service with enhanced security, automation, quality review workflows, and performance reporting, used by leading data science teams including Bombora, Geberit, Outreach, Wyze, and Zendesk. For more information, visit humansignal.com.