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HumanSignal Empowers Data Science Leaders to Optimize Labeling Efficiency for AI/ML

New Project Performance Dashboards in Label Studio Enterprise Enable Data Science Teams to Increase Throughput and Quality of Data Labeling Initiatives

[San Francisco, July 11, 2023] - HumanSignal, a leading provider of advanced data labeling solutions, announced advancements to its flagship product, Label Studio Enterprise, designed to equip data labeling teams with the tools they need to train and fine-tune models more efficiently, ultimately improving project performance and team productivity.

New Project Performance Dashboards in the Label Studio Enterprise edition give data team leaders unparalleled insights into project progress and performance, in order to optimize efficiency, quality and throughput. With interactive charts and adjustable key performance indicators (KPIs), users can now obtain a holistic view of their projects while delving into granular details regarding task status, annotations, reviews, and labels. This empowers teams to identify bottlenecks, outliers, and areas for optimization, enabling optimal resource allocation and time management.

Key features of the new Project Performance Dashboards include:

  • Gain deeper insights into projects & simplify reporting with a new interactive interface. Our new dashboards interface and key performance indicators provide a holistic view of your project's progress while also offering granular insights into the status of tasks, annotations, reviews, and labels. This feature allows you to identify bottlenecks and outliers, enabling optimal resource allocation and time management.
  • Track the metrics that matter with customizable KPI cards. With our adjustable KPI cards, you can decide which metrics you want to have front and center. Whether it's the average time taken to label a task or the number of remaining tasks in the project, our KPI carousel provides an easy way to track progress and trends over time.
  • Identify and mitigate performance bottlenecks & quality issues with granular charts. Discover data quality issues with customizable charts and adjustable date ranges. Get insights into project performance data including frequently skipped tasks, review velocity, and label distributions over time, to identify and remedy issues with unbalanced datasets, annotator training, or resource allocation.

The latest improvements to Label Studio Enterprise are available immediately. For more information or to request a demo, please visit https://humansignal.com/pricing/.

About HumanSignal

HumanSignal enables data science teams to build AI models with their company DNA. With the emergence of generative AI, it’s more important than ever to build and tune differentiated models with proprietary data and human feedback. Creators of the most popular open source data labeling platform, Label Studio, HumanSignal enables data scientists to develop high quality datasets and workflows for model training, fine tuning and continuous validation.

Today, the Label Studio open source community has more than 250,000 users who have collectively annotated more than 100 million pieces of data. Label Studio Enterprise is available as a cloud service with enhanced security, automation, quality review workflows, and performance reporting, used by leading data science teams including Bombora, Geberit, Outreach, Wyze, and Zendesk. For more information, visit humansignal.com.

San Francisco July 11, 2023