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Everything you love from Community Edition, plus additional capabilities for evaluating prompts and LLMs, managing large teams, and advanced security.

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HumanSignal Platform

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HumanSignal Platform

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Community Edition

Free & Open Source

Community Edition

Free & Open Source

Labeling Data Types

User Accounts

Individual user accounts to login into Label Studio. Activities and actions are associated to a user's account.

Unlimited Unrestricted

Deployment Options

Where the Label Studio backend software can be installed and run.

Cloud or On-Premise Open Source Download


Private Slack / Email / Phone Community Slack / Github issues

Data Type Support





HTML Hypertext

Time Series

Mixed Types

Project Management


Organizes the settings, users, and dataset for a specific project.


Prebuilt user interfaces configured and optimized for specific data labeling scenarios.

Shared Workspaces

Organizes related projects by team, department, or product. Users can only access workspaces they associated with.

Manual Annotator Assignment

Method for assigning tasks and dataset samples to an individual user for annotation.

Automatic Annotator Assignment

Automatically assign tasks based on project configuration rules.

Annotation-Only Portal

Simplified dashboard that organizes labeling tasks for an individual annotator.

Data Management

Data Management Panel

Explore, refine, and perform bulk actions on project data.

Cloud Storage Integration

Connect cloud storage from AWS, GCP, and Azure for read/write access.

API Access

Programatic access to Label Studio functionality that can be embedded into other systems.

Import / Export

Import datasets for labeling. Export labeled datasets for inclusion in your model training.

Quality Control and Reporting

Verification & QA

Review and verify other users' annotation and prediction results.

Assign Reviewer

Assign individual users to review and verify specific annotations.

Annotator Statistics

Metrics and statistics to review and monitor individual annotator performance.

Overlap Configuration

Set how many annotators must label each sample.

Annotator Consensus Matrices

Matrices used to compare labeling results by different annotators.

Management Reports & Analytics

Reports and visualizations for analyzing your dataset, including data distribution.


Prompt Evaluation & Fine-Tuning

Rapidly create, evaluate, and optimize prompts using real-time quality feedback.

Auto-Labeling with LLMs

Swiftly generate thousands of high-quality annotations using constrained generation and proximity to ground truth.

Bootstrap Labeling Predictions

Leverage LLMs to generate predictions and confidence scores for human review.


Ready-to-use Evaluators

Out-of-the box evaluations including PII and content moderation, such as toxicity, violence, tone, and self-harm.

Custom Evaluation Metrics

Define custom metrics and fine-tune evaluators for domain-specific applications.

Integrated Human Supervision

Deep dive into automated evaluation results with fully integrated workflows for human supervision.

Data Discovery

Data Manager

Connect, manage, and index datasets from GCP, AWS, and Azure.

Data Exploration

Visualize and explore all your unstructured image or text data in a visual grid or list view.

Embedding Generation

Automatically generate embeddings and reference embeddings to uncover similarities between data points and measure confidence levels.

Semantic Search

Find relevant data using natural language, such as one or more phrases or keywords.

Similarity Search

Uncover similar data points by selecting one or more records (data points) as reference.

Similarity Filtering

Sort your dataset based on similarity to your selections.

Send to Projects

Send data subsets as tasks to new or existing HumanSignal projects for human or AI processing (annotation or review).

Advanced Security

Data Stored on Your Servers

Datasets are stored on your servers with your data security and access controls.

Role-Based Access Controls

Create custom roles that define permissions for different types of users.

Single Sign-On

Integrate your authentication system (SAML/LDAP) to centrally manage access to Label Studio.

Activity Logs

System of record that tracks every action taken in Label Studio and the associated user.

SOC2 Certified

Demonstrated security, availability, and confidentiality standard of excellence.

Managed Cloud Service and Support

Secure hosted cloud platform

We handle all the hosting, security, updates, and maintenance on our SOC-2 certified SaaS platform.

99.9% uptime SLA

Get best-in-class uptime backed by service level agreement.

Customer success & technical support

Get a dedicated enterprise support team to help you get the most out of Label Studio.

See how the HumanSignal platform can work at your organization.