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Validating Models

Create ground truth datasets to continuously validate and improve models

Unlock the true potential of your models by validating them with ground truth datasets created using the HumanSignal platform

Scoutbee Drives Product Innovation and 2-3X Revenue Using Label Studio Enterprise to Train Accurate ML Models

Scoutbee has seen significant success with their ML-driven products while using Label Studio Enterprise to both train large-scale models and provide adjustments to their models currently in production.

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2-3 x Increase in revenue generated through ML-based products
20 x Reduction in time taken to label data and train and maintain models while keeping quality 
at SLA level
>90 % Model accuracy across millions 
of documents

The HumanSignal Platform

Try the platform used by more than 250,000 data scientists and experts. Make your labeling team more efficient with workflows, analytics, annotator management tools. Simplify your labeling efforts by using the same platform to label any data type. And integrate any model, including foundation models like GPT-4 to automate your labeling and maximize the impact of the human signal your labelers provide.

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