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Data Labeling for Trust & Safety in a Generative AI World

Regardless of whether you're dealing with fraud, content moderation, scraping, or other threats to your business or customers, the difficult work of Trust and Safety teams is mission critical. And with generative AI powering a whole new host of novel attacks by bad actors, the job has become even more challenging.

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In this webinar, our VP of Engineering, Nico Halecky, draws on his extensive experience managing Trust and Safety at scale at companies like Twitter and Bombora (along with his work here at HumanSignal), to share ways for Trust and Safety teams to approach data labeling to find success in this new generative AI landscape.

You'll learn:

  • Why data labeling is critical to using applied machine learning as a defense against bad actors
  • Best practices for creating flexible, high-throughput labeling workflows that can integrate across multiple teams and parts of the business to ensure success
  • The importance of customizing your labeling process to give your team the speed and context they need to deal with a dynamic and varied set of labeling needs

We look forward to seeing you there!


Nico Halecky

VP of Engineering