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Getting More From Your Data Labeling Operations

Quality data labeling, model training and model fine-tuning is critical to achieving AI/ML success. In this webinar, Bernard Lawes will talk through some of the issues that prevent data labeling programs from achieving their goals, and ways to overcome these obstacles.

What we cover:

  • How to implement a centralized platform for governance across all your projects—no matter the data type or use case—for easier management and reporting
  • How to structure your team and define the right process for the most efficient and effective data labeling operations
  • How to report on quality and team performance (whether the team is comprised of employees at your organization, external contractors, or both)
  • How to mitigate risk by not exposing data unnecessarily across your team or to external contractors


Bernard Lawes

Solutions Engineer

Bernard is a client-facing software engineer with expertise in computer vision, AI/ML, GEOINT, and robotic process automation.

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