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Coming Soon! Generative Labeling

Reliably Automate Data Labeling with Generative AI

Leverage the power of LLMs to generate high quality datasets using our Prompt interface. Use natural language to engineer the ideal prompt. Then use that prompt to enable your model to accurately label your entire dataset.

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Operationalize generative labeling

Reliably automate data labeling using our purpose-built UI and constrained generation to prevent hallucinations. Keep inference costs down by measuring prompt performance against a ground truth dataset to ensure the LLM generates accurate labels at scale.

We experimented with ChatGPT to bootstrap labeling, but experienced many hallucinations.

Using Label Studio, we achieved 93% human labeling accuracy through automation, and seamlessly integrated the predictions into our quality review workflow.

Create the datasets you need in hours, not weeks

Rapidly create and improve prompts using real-time feedback to ensure label accuracy. Leverage prompt versioning to catalog and implement your best-performing prompts to efficiently label your large datasets.

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