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Preparing Training Data

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How Yext Takes Its AI-powered Search Engine to New Heights With Label Studio

Yext chose Label Studio Enterprise for its robust review process, which allows annotators to dig into the tricky, complicated examples that can make a big impact on the natural language responses of an NLP model. Where they were previously throwing out data that did not have annotator consensus, they were able to review and resolve edge cases.

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525 % Increase in capacity to take on labeling projects
2-4 X Annotators complete 2-4x more per day
100 % Reduction in the amount of data discarded
3 X Labeling tasks the software could perform increased 3x

Label Studio Enterprise

Try the platform used by more than 250,000 data scientists and experts. Make your labeling team more efficient with workflows, analytics, annotator management tools. Simplify your labeling efforts by using the same platform to label any data type. And integrate any model, including foundation models like GPT-4 to automate your labeling and maximize the impact of the human signal your labelers provide.

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