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Automate labeling workflows. Manage stakeholders. Redefine collaboration. Secure every step.

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Why Go Enterprise?

Label Studio Enterprise is built for data science teams who are running ML/AI models in production, and care about quality and efficiency at scale.

Save time

Efficient, end-to-end workflows from data sourcing to automated labeling and quality review.

Policy compliance

Manage internal and external teams with role-based access controls, workflows, and assignments.


Keep track of and optimize your labeling projects with dedicated project dashboards and activity logs.

Quality Management

Use configurable review workflows, annotator agreement matrices, and more for optimal quality.

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Label Studio Enterprise

SSO and Role-Based Access Control for job function specific permissions. Ability to limit internal & external user access to assigned Projects & Workspaces.

Annotator agreement matrix and scoring to proactively monitor label accuracy & quality. Reviewers QA checks on Annotators’ work to ensure accuracy of training data.

Automatic queue management & task distribution for annotators; comments & notifications and improved workflow efficiency.

SOC 2, Type II certified cloud service with robust technical support, proactive security management, and fastest access to new features and bug fixes.

Create active learning loops to reduce the number of manual annotations and increase team efficiency.

Community Edition

All users are Administrators with access to see and edit all account settings and projects.

No reviewer cycles, monitoring of label accuracy or training data quality.

No support for annotator team management (assigning tasks) and limited collaboration features.

Self-hosted, requires DevOps and frequent upgrades to utilize new features.

Limited automation features and no Active Learning sampling.


Scale up, build faster, and continuously improve

Tackle any workflow at scale

Drive cross-functional usage and engagement with a simple, intuitive user experience that your team will want to use. Any data type, any use case. All on a SaaS platform that can handle even the most demanding of projects, regardless of team size, data volume, task complexity, or precision requirements.

Accelerate tasks with ML

Label Studio Enterprise makes it easier than ever to connect to your machine learning models to pre-annotate or auto-label data. Set up active learning workflows to continually train and review predictions while automatically sampling tasks based on uncertainty scores.

Improve and iterate with ease

Implement effective QA processes with Enterprise-specific features like dedicated reviewer roles and workflows for both annotations and prediction results. Use consensus labeling and agreement matrices to identify and resolve quality issues fast while uncovering areas of improvement for your team.

It’s really snappy, even with hundreds of thousands of data points in a project or across workspaces.


Turn collaboration into competitive advantage with these Enterprise features

Label as one team

Connect employees, third-party labelers, and partners in a single place. Work securely and efficiently with annotator-specific views that only show assigned tasks.

Adapt to your task

Every project is unique. Easily customize your labeling interface to fit your use case and data type with pre-made templates or simple HTML with auto-complete.

Work better together

Use comments and notifications to eliminate communication silos, better manage expertise, and find and fix errors fast. Prevent weak annotations with dedicated review workflows.

Optimize as you label

Use actionable dashboards to track project progress, annotator performance, and resource allocation. Make informed changes on the fly with full context.

One of the things that impressed us the most was the ability to craft UIs on the fly.

Before Label Studio, we had too much dependency on our data scientists. We were wasting their time asking for help just to make simple changes to our labeling tooling. Label Studio allows the annotation team to be more self-serve.


Stay secure end to end

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Building at scale

See what other humans have achieved with Label Studio Enterprise and join the teams building the next gen of AI.

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525 % Increase in capacity to take on labeling projects
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25 % Reduction in development time for new labeling tasks
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2-3 x Increase in revenue generated through ML-based products
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120 % Increase in annotations per labeler (depending on project)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Label Studio Enterprise?

Label Studio Enterprise is HumanSignal’s solution for growing teams and large or complex organizations. It is a highly customizable, end-to-end data labeling platform for every data type, use case, and dataset. The platform empowers your company to tackle any project, no matter how complex, while getting the most out of your company DNA, aka your data.

Label Studio Enterprise includes all the security, governance, and management functionality you’d expect in an enterprise solution but with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience that drives adoption and usage. Label Studio Enterprise powers the work of some of the world’s leading companies across virtually all industries - like Lufthansa, Zendesk, and Outreach - and can handle massive data volumes and large mixed teams of internal and external users with ease.

Label Studio Enterprise is a paid plan available via the cloud or on-prem. To learn more about what’s included in the Enterprise Edition, visit our pricing page here.

Is Label Studio Enterprise secure?

Yes. Label Studio Enterprise was designed to meet the most stringent security, privacy, and regulatory requirements, offering multiple ways to keep your data safe.

Label Studio Enterprise can be deployed securely on-prem or as a fully managed SOC2-certified cloud platform. Regardless of the deployment method, your data is never stored on HumanSignal servers but instead loaded directly into the annotator browser. All data is also encrypted at rest, and sensitive data is encrypted in transit.

In addition, Label Studio Enterprises offers user management and security features like SSO integration, SCIM, and RBAC that allow admins fine-grained control over access to workspaces, projects, and data, including both internal and external teams. Learn more about Label Studio Enterprise's comprehensive security features here.

How do businesses use Label Studio Enterprise?

Label Studio Enterprise helps organizations get the most from their people and data so they can build AI at scale in a fraction of the time. More than 250,000 data scientists and annotators use the Label Studio platform to prepare training data, fine-tune LLMs, and validate models. You can accelerate your labeling with automation, manage large internal and external teams, collaborate on complex tasks, and more - all in one place. Find out more about Label Studio Enterprise here.

What does Label Studio Enterprise cost?

Label Studio Enterprise is priced based on user seats. Contact sales for a custom quote and a full breakdown of pricing.

How is Label Studio Enterprise different from Community Edition?

Label Studio Enterprise is for teams building AI at scale and is available as a secure hosted cloud platform or on-premise. This edition includes all features from Community Edition plus tools for managing large internal and external teams, dedicated roles and permissions, analytics and reporting, uptime and support SLAs, and more. In addition, Enterprise Edition will soon include data discovery (semantic and similarity search) and additional forms of automation (generative AI and interactive labeling). Compare plans and features here.

Elevate your humans. Build at scale.

Getting the right team in place is only the first step. Leading companies know that building performant and differentiated AI models requires the right mix of people, technology, and processes. Label Studio Enterprise helps organizations get the most from them all - in one place.